Dare to be different?

@work, our people are a lively bunch of individuals with enthusiasm and vigour, striving day in and day out, to deliver cutting edge service and value; to our external customers, the backbone of our very existence and the travel industry and our internal customers who we consider the soul of our business.

Each one of us goes a step further to help a fellow human being in whatever way possible. Be it a simple smile of acknowledgment or a solution to a complex problem, it’s the sheer empathy and will to help that makes the difference in providing a personalised service.

“Our people are our strength. The combination of young vibrant youth and well-known industry legends that bring with them years of experience, make the difference we dare to share.” Talent acquisition, development and mentoring by the Senior Management, are a way of life and allow ample opportunities for career progression. Our Group values are considered sacred and we take it upon ourselves to deliver services, consistent with our values.

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People development by linking performance with learning and development is the crux of our ideology for continuous improvement in personal and professional growth.
The annual outing and the year-end Christmas get-together are some of the key highlights that we all look forward to. While we take our work seriously, the element of fun and excitement is also an integral part of being a member of this family. Our reliance on each other’s support and comfort during good times and bad symbolises our culture.

We are constantly on the lookout for talent who are able and willing to live our mission. We invite anyone who is passionate & committed to this industry to join us on our journey full of excitement and rewards.

If you believe that you are talented, people friendly and gifted with unique skills to work in the Travel and Destinations Management industry, send us your CV highlighting your strengths along with your field of expertise to the address below by post, or email us on info@travel7lanka.com .

Human Resources,
United Ventures Group,
No.54, Walukarama Road,
Colombo 03.